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Let us Lay Down Our Swords and Beat them into Ploughshares


Out of the present chaos we can glimpse that familiar light that has so often begun to shine despite all our fears and prejudices - "the light that is coming into the world” - so even now Christ himself is rising to exercise his own spirit of truth through each of us to affect his dominion over the present world of untruth and lies.

Coal Mine

So, let us oppose the lie that we care for the preservation of the natural world in the western states while we plan their exploitation by oil and coal development, or that we have to destroy the health of blue-collar workers in Kentucky by making medical services unavailable, through inadequate insurance or excessive pharmaceutical profits.

Wind Farm

Let us rise with Christian compassion, and get our energy from wind farms, and legislate our mining and pharmaceutical industries so that electricity becomes cheaper and pharmaceutical profits more normal.

Such results come from MODERATE CHANGES as coal/gas workers are helped to find jobs, and pharmaceutical companies are encouraged to switch their investment profit sources.  Christ's spirit always enables and encourages, rather than demanding and destroying.

Solar panels

Always - "’come, let us reason together,’ saith the Lord” - the answer lies to your hand - already we have more wind than we need on our North Carolina coast, and more sun than we need inland.

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